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What Is Flinter /

Flinter is a dating ecosystem that remasters online dating experience with the aid of latest technological advancements including but not limited to Blockchain, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. It aims to make the process more rewarding, involving, entertaining and intuitive. Continue Reading

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At Flinter we are a team of young entrepreneurs who embark on a mission to change the dating world with the aid of latest technological advancement in the form of Blockchain. Why? Because we can: our core team members all come from IT (Information Technology) background with over 50 years of shared experience related to Data & Artificial Intelligence engineering, digital marketing, web development, project management and recently blockchain utilisation at largest multinational conglomerate.

By combining our expertise together we strive to achieve a goal to finally use a blockchain what it has been designed for - to solidify relationships between people, both literally and figuratively!

Flinter is the first ever project to utilize blockchain technology in a conventional unification with a standard platform ecosystem, with Flinter Token (FLT) being a cornerstone of its functionality. We don’t create a token for the sake or speculation but an ecosystem where the token is an important key functional part of it.

Tokenomics of Flinter is developed in such a way as to balance crypto market fluctuations while retaining blockchain technology at its core. We believe in future behind this technology not only in the form of decentralized ecosystem but also Data Exchange and Data Storage, Data Mining and Big Data research.

In that way, Data Mining becomes an integral part of the Flinter project to allow for creation of human interaction scenarios, their tracking, progression from one stage to the other, helping individuals find their perfect match and generating their personalized ecosystems where technology facilitates interpersonal interactions not destroys them.

Our mission is to make people closer. By integrating top of the edge technologies we strive to help people find harmony in this new rapidly evolving world.

Flinter Features /

Revolutionary Blockchain Technology at the core of the Flinter Ecosystem logic.

Smart Contract that defines interactions between users and functionality of the application.
Internal currency based on the Ethereum ERC20 token which can be traded.

Machine Learning functionality for improved matching and behavioral data mining.
Innovative Augmented Reality and a Maps search feature for enchanced experience.

Innovative Virtual Dates with Face-Swap technology for fun, security and social distancing at first.

Token Usage Mechanics /


Roadmap /

Unroll the map

Product draft design and features allocation.

Sep 2019

Defined product cost and income streams model.

Dec 2019

Product architecture and analysis.

  • Conduct competitive analysis and market research.
  • Develop product architecture and project economics.
  • Establish grounds for vendors to start on development of the application.
Mar 2020

General milestones for the application UX/UI and video advertisement.

  • Design user-interface for the application.
  • Create a website and promotional materials (welcome video).
  • Complete proof of concept.
Mar 2020

Flinter token integration into the Flinter Universe and POC launch.

  • Dating flicks (like/dislike).
  • Matches.
  • User registration.
  • Smart contracts and blockchain (ERC20) deployment and management.
  • Token distributions and turnover within the Ropsten network.
  • Private and public keys generation.
  • Flinter token ERC20 wallet automated supply on sign-up.
  • User account management.
Mar 2020

Seed investment round.

Jun 2020

Completion of Phase 0. Business model.

  • Flinter business setup.
  • Flinter product strategy.
  • Flinter branding.
  • Flinter basic search engine.
  • Flinter website and business presence.
  • Platform basics.
Sep 2020

Flinter marketing and referral campaigns launch.

Dec 2020

Completion of Phase 1. Core product and market hard launch.

  • Flinter core platform delivery (internal credit-based currency, user accounts, user profiles, registration).
  • Three main activities: flick, like and comment.
  • Marketing campaigns.
  • Flinter Real Dates (face-to-face) with NFC module.
  • Flinter bounty campaigns for partners.
  • Flinter Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning core.
  • Stories and social networking.
  • Monetization and gamification.
  • Basic video calls.
Mar 2021

Completion of Phase 2. Virtual Dates functionality.

  • Flinter Virtual Dates (video calls).
  • Face-masks and Avatars.
Sep 2021

Flinter token launch and listing.

Dec 2021

Completion of Phase 3. Blockchain and token-swap.

  • ERC-20 standard token implementation (DeFi).
  • Token swap between internal credits and real currency.
  • Token listings on exchanges.
  • Potential for ICO/IEO/STO.
Jun 2022

Completion of Phase 4. Couples functionality.

  • Flinter long-term relationships support.
  • Flinter Couples – Data Mining product that rewards couples for sharing their behavioural analytics.
Sep 2022

Completion of Phase 5. Initial Public Offering (IPO).

  • Flinter incorporated.
  • Flinter IPO preparation.
  • IPO rounds.
Dec 2023

Flinter Universe /

Board Team /

Alex Vasilenko Chief Executive Officer
Sergey Sashin Chief Technology Officer
Igor Korotkov Chief Business Architect
Michael Fomin Practice & Architecture Manager
Dmitry Sapegin Head of Product

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